Word of the Day


Overt devotion or submissiveness to one’s wife
The state or character of being uxorious; connubial dotage; foolish fondness for a wife.
foolish fondness for or excessive submissiveness to one’s wife

Usage: A major flaw in Adam’s character is that of uxoriousness; evident in the following lines

  • “O fairest of Creation, last and best”,
  • “Should god create another Eve, and I/Another Rib afford, yet loss of thee/would never from my heart”,
  • “Flesh of flesh/Bone of my bone thou art”,
  • “…mine shall never be parted, bliss or woe” and
  • “one flesh/to loose thee were to loose myself”

Word of the Day


From French livre, Italian and Spanish libro, from Latin liber “book”. From Latin cubiculum (“bedroom”), from cubō (“lie down”)

n. A person who reads in bed.

plural librocubicularists

Usage: I am a dedicated librocubicularist who cannot fall asleep without a book.