Monday, 14th of November, 2011.

Chaotic semblance of the mountains,
darkness looms awry,
fear the tread my darling, my darling,
doubt naught what they say.


Pleonasm: A Semi-Literates Plague

I will keep this daft entry short with a confessio. The proprietary and decorum of my writings has become exhaustive and redundant. The question lies in the tautology of my thoughts. I am not a verbocrat, hence the answer might lie in the range of my reading material. Am I not reading enough? Or am I reading too much of the same style/technique/genre that subconsciously it has infused into my writings and permeated my slack thinking? Circumlocution of writing is a serious charge that I hold myself accountable for. What am I doing wrong? I can never get past the draft work. My memory is falling short of the riches of vocabulary building. Verbosity of sentences and Periphrasis are diffuse equally not only in my offhand writings but also in my assignments. I still am a budding writer but my material has run its course. I need to unearth a new alternative universe that redefines my words. And I don’t think this blog has helped my case either. Bollocks!