Sunday, 30th of October, 2011.

“It was so agreeable to her to see him again, and hear him talk, to have her ear amused and her whole comprehension filled by his narratives, that she began particularly to feel how dreadfully she must have missed him, and how impossible it would have been for her to bear a lengthened absence.” –Mansfield Park, Jane Austen.


Mansfield Park had been a drag since beginning. I was forced to implicitly read on till I reached the mid. Now, the story has excited my interest somewhat and I am very much inclined on reading ahead. The approbation of my present disposition is an attribute which must be credit for constancy in such matters.

Austen’s understanding and comprehension of a woman’s love has no equal in writing. She observes it in all degrees possible, in truest o natures experienced, in quietest of contemplations made. Earnestness of a certain character in love is explored by all sincere means necessary for the reader to relate to and laugh upon the reflection of a similar past occurrence. I have often been bemused at the certainty and accuracy of her romances.