The Caged Bird Sings

by: Hafez

My body’s dust is a veil
Spread out to hide
My soul—happy that moment when
It’s drawn aside!

To cage a songbird with so sweet
A voice is wrong—
I’ll fly to paradise’s garden
Where I belong.

But why I’ve come and whence I came
Is all unclear—
Alas, to know so little of
My being here!

How can I make my journey to
My heavenly home
When I’m confined and cramped within
This flesh and bone?

If my blood smells of longing, show no
Mine is the musk deer’s pain as he
Secretes his scent.

Don’t think my golden shirt is like
A candle’s light—
The true flame burns beneath my shirt,
Hidden from sight.

Come, and ensure Hafez’s being
Will disappear—
Since You exist, no one will hear
Me say, “I’m here.”


Word of the Day


Overt devotion or submissiveness to one’s wife
The state or character of being uxorious; connubial dotage; foolish fondness for a wife.
foolish fondness for or excessive submissiveness to one’s wife

Usage: A major flaw in Adam’s character is that of uxoriousness; evident in the following lines

  • “O fairest of Creation, last and best”,
  • “Should god create another Eve, and I/Another Rib afford, yet loss of thee/would never from my heart”,
  • “Flesh of flesh/Bone of my bone thou art”,
  • “…mine shall never be parted, bliss or woe” and
  • “one flesh/to loose thee were to loose myself”

Word of the Day


From French livre, Italian and Spanish libro, from Latin liber “book”. From Latin cubiculum (“bedroom”), from cubō (“lie down”)

n. A person who reads in bed.

plural librocubicularists

Usage: I am a dedicated librocubicularist who cannot fall asleep without a book.