On Semicolons

Their textbook function is to to separate parts of a sentence that need a more distinct break than a comma can signal, but that are too closely connected to be made into separate sentences.

 Garner’s Modern American Usage


Evidence to Previous Post Regarding Speed Increase in uTorrent


P.S I am getting speeds worth 360 kB/s too. It’s just that I cannot dally in front of the laptop anymore, taking screenshots every 2 seconds. 😀

To Increase uTorrent Download Speed


  1. Open uTorrent
  2. Click on OPTIONS
  4. Now click on BANDWIDTH
  5. Set following:
    1. Maximum Upload Rate: {10} OR {15}
    2. Maximum Download Rate: {1800}
    3. Global Maximum Number of Connections: {2329}
    4. Maximum Number of Connected Peers per Torrent: {100}
    5. Maximum Upload Slots per Torrent: {14}
  6. Now click on ADVANCED
    1. Look for “bt.connect_speed” and set it to “80”
    2. Look for “net.max_halfopen” and set it to “100”
  7. Click on APPLY
  8. Restart uTorrent



The last thread hanging: I can write no more. An untimely demise of my words and me.

Closure of Impersonal Sorts.

He scrolled through his contact list seeking company and conversation. A to Z rolled in vain.

“What am I doing? I cannot accommodate trust in words anymore. What am I going to say? The blues of making formal small talk will sink me in my own self.”

Time and time again he reminded himself of the once sworn (self-proclaimed, self-afflicted) solitude of a kind that rendered him incapable of personal discourse. Now it came crawling back, claws undone. Occasional visits from the past entailed nostalgia and a degree of melancholy.

“I am feeling terribly lonely tonight.” He whispered to himself in hopes of getting a misleading retort from the muscle that now ached.

The rendezvous with a few chosen but somewhat close friends had no effect whatsoever on the torment the morning wake was. He had dreamt it all over again; the barred walls of his school and all his associates around him. But this time he was seeking. Running corridor to corridor, meeting flashing faces of people he once knew.

No more.


I am running again. Away from some. To some. The grounds look exactly the same as they were when I left the school. It is a mob. I have been instructed to keep the kids away from trouble. I am running again, seeking assistance of any kind. I see old classmates, happy, ignorant of the prevalent situation. I am all sweats. It bothers me no more. I see new friends. I do not approach them. I am keen. I am still seeking. I am hurting. I am alone. I drop by in an old class. I well up. I had come so far I never remembered what I was here for. 

ManUtd Fixture Alterations

Mon 20 August: Everton (A)

Sun 2 September: Southampton (A)

Sun 23 September: Liverpool (A)

Sat 29 September: Tottenham (H)

Sun 7 October: Newcastle (A)

Sun 28 October: Chelsea (A)

Sat 3 November: Arsenal (H)

Sat 10 November: Aston Villa (A)

Sat 17 November: Norwich (A)


Other changes: 

Wed 28 November: West Ham (H)

Wed 30 January: Southampton (H)