Hoot by Carl Hiaasen

★★★★☆ (4/5)

A selection of my favourite passages from the book

  • Roy had never seen anyplace so flat. Back in Montana you had steep craggy mountains that rose ten thousand feet into the clouds. Here the only hills were man-made highway bridges—smooth, gentle slopes of concrete.
  • As Roy emerged into the fairway, the purple sky opened up. Rain slashed down in wind-driven sheets that stung his face, and lightning crashed ominously nearby.
  • It was amazing how rapidly schools emptied after the final bell, as if someone pulled the plug under a giant whirlpool.
  • The kid was stretched out, a crumpled cardboard box serving as a pillow.
  • Roy wondered what made a grownup turn out so ill-tempered and obnoxious.
  • The truth was, he felt totally safe. The creek was incredibly beautiful and wild; a hidden sanctuary, only twenty minutes away from his own backyard.
  • Just because something was legal didn’t automatically make it right.
  • there was no dodging the fact that vandalism was a crime, however noble the cause.
  • He seemed more likely to strip the wheels from a patrol car than to paint the windshield black or hang his shirt like a pennant from the antenna.
  • The policeman was grimly preoccupied with another concern. His gaze shifted from the massive bulldozer to the bird burrow, then back again.
  • Roy was always amused when grownups lied to make themselves look more important.

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