Boy of Fire and Earth by Sami Shah

★★★☆☆ (3/5)

An entertaining read but not as compelling as I expected. The intention of the story is unclear so far. Reviews for the novel commended the story’s blend of humour and fantasy, but a hundred pages in and I yet have to come across an instance that is slightly amusing, let alone humorous or even darkly funny.

Additionally, some motivations for characters are amiss as well. Why would a mother allow her son to go on a drive (or even let him leave her side) right after a tragic car accident in which he was directly involved in? Why would some characters be announced amply, have a heavy bearing on the story and then be completely dispensed off?

The second half of the story sparked my interest, only to be muffled by a strange and rather skewed ending. The admixture of religious beliefs and fantasy is a genre not oft-explored for which this book stands alone. Whilst it is skillful in adapting core religious beliefs without much deviation (a mighty relief that was), the conclusion of the story seemed wry and forced.

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