Death Comes As the End by Agatha Christie

★★★★☆ (4/5)

A selection of my favourite passages from the book

  • She was eternally laying down the law, hectoring the servants, finding fault with everything, getting impossible things done by sheer force of vituperation and personality.
  • You couldn’t be grateful to Henet—she drew attention to her own merits so persistently that it chilled any generous response you might have felt.
  • And suddenly Renisenb felt stifled, encircled by this persistent and clamorous femininity. Women—noisy, vociferous women! A houseful of women—never quiet, never peaceful—always talking, exclaiming, saying things—not doing them!
  • Though usually comfortably conscious of his own importance, his mother could always pierce the armour of his self-esteem.
  • And although he knew well that his own estimate of himself was the true one and his mother’s a maternal idiosyncrasy of no importance—yet her attitude never failed to puncture his happy conceit of himself.
  • It may be that there must always be growth—and that if one does not grow kinder and wiser and greater, then the growth must be the other way, fostering the evil things.

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