Pushing Boundaries

Island of Flowers by Nora Roberts

★☆☆☆☆ (1/5)

I’ve always steered clear of mushy, tawdry romantic novels with no take away, img_2411(especially the ones with scantily clad heroines on the cover embracing a shirtless and toned hunk – most cringe worthy).

But 2018 is all about pushing my self-imposed reading boundaries so I begin this year by reading “Island of Flowers” by Nora Roberts who is famous for writing romance novels. Let’s see if this novel succeeds in removing my bias.


One word: Schmaltzy.

I stand corrected. This was NOT a good read. I couldn’t even envisage Hawaii in my mind’s eye. The motivations of characters were all askew especially of the heroine Laine Simmons. Would not recommend, nor embark on another journey with Nora Roberts.

A selection of my favorite passages from the book

  • The ripe land with cliffs and beaches which she had seen as the plane descended brought no sense of homecoming
  • Threading through her doubts was the shimmering strand of fear that rejection waited for her at the end of her journey
  • With no knowledge of seduction, she became a temptress by her very innocence
  • Parts of Paris are beautiful, mellowed and gentled with age. Other parts are elegant or dignified. She is like a woman who has been often told she is enchanting. But the beauty here is more primitive. The island is ageless and innocent at the same time
  • Laine thought the slamming of her door the loneliest sound she had ever heard.

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