The Future of Islam by Wilfred Scawen Blunt

★★★☆☆ (3/5)

He has predicted for them great political misfortunes in the immediate future, because he believes that these are a necessary step in the process of their spiritual development

On every side the politics he hears discussed are those of the great world, and the religion professed is that of a wider Islam than he has been accustomed to in Turkey or in Indiaimages (3)

Sir Thomas Browne, “Truly the (Mussulman) world is greater than that part of it geographers have described.”

and it is the school of the virtuous poor rather than of the licentious rich

Indeed, it may safely be affirmed that the course of events in India will determine more than anything else the destiny of Mohammedanism in the immediate future of this and the next generation

The Sherif depends upon the Sultan because he needs a protector, and needs his Wakaf. The Sultan depends upon the Sherif, because recognition by Hejaz as the protector is a chief title to his Caliphate

“If the Arab race falls Islam shall fall.”

Islam, if she relies only on the sword, must in the end perish by it, for her forces, vast as they are, are without physical cohesion, being scattered widely over the surface of three continents and divided by insuperable accidents of seas and deserts; and the enemy she would have to face is intelligent as well as strong, and would not let her rest

in all great movements of the human intellect the force of progression or decay should be looked for mainly from within, not from without

Their prophet has foretold that Islam shall not outlive two thousand years before the Móhdy shall come, and the thirteen hundredth is just commencing

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