Things that Can and Cannot Be Said by Arundhati Roy & John Cusack

  • any perception or truth that is isolated and removed from its larger context ceases to be true
  • Your enemies are always manufactured to suit your purpose51736714
  • The idea of “human rights,” for example—sometimes it bothers me. Not in itself, but because the concept of human rights has replaced the much grander idea of justice. Human rights are fundamental rights, they are the minimum, the very least we demand. Too often, they become the goal itself. What should be the minimum becomes the maximum—all we are supposed to expect—but human rights aren’t enough. The goal is, and must always be, justice.
  • The language of human rights tends to accept a status quo that is intrinsically unjust—and then tries to make it more accountable
  • talk loud enough about human rights and it gives the impression of democracy at work, justice at work
  • The only thing that is allowed to move freely—unimpeded—around the world today is money . . . capital.
  • But I believe the physics of resisting power is as old as the physics of accumulating power. That’s what keeps the balance in the universe
  • As long as their misery is contained within the arbitrarily drawn borders of their “own” country, they are not considered refugees. But they are refugees
  • Unfortunately in imaginations that are locked down into a grid of countries and borders, in minds that are shrink-wrapped in flags, they don’t make the cut.
  • those who created the problem will not be the ones who come up with a solution

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