Wool (Wool # 1) by Hugh Howey

A quick easy read, immensely addictive with thematic concerns over the nature of truth and pursuing it for oneself, the illusions set by society and how love can alter our perceptions of reality.

The brilliance of this short story is set by its pacing, narrative style and how it packs a myriad of heavy themes in just a hundred and eighty pages of light reading. The characterisation is solid with a conclusive end that may shock many. The world Hugh Howey has built in such a short space deserves to be explored further. On to Wool # 2, “Proper Gauge”!

  • The children were playing while Holston climbed to his death; he could hear them squealing as only happy children do12287209
  • This was the laughter of youth, of souls who had not yet come to grips with where they lived, who did not yet feel the press of the earth on all sides, who in their minds were not buried at all, but alive
  • Holston’s childhood now felt like something two or three lifetimes ago, something someone else had enjoyed. Not him
  • It only looked depressing compared to scenes from the children’s books—the only books to survive the uprising.
  • She turned. It was like the sun changing its mind and rising back over the hills. To acknowledge him gave him hope
  • At the top of the ramp, Holston saw the heaven into which he’d been condemned for his simple sin of hope
  • Could someone have decided that the truth was worse than a loss of power, of control?
  • He threw up spittle and stomach acid, the very lining of him trying to flee

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