An Alcoholic Case by F. Scott Fitzgerald

  • She knew he had a long time ceased to care about such things
  • But just remember that nothing they say when they’re drunk is what they mean when they’re sober – I’ve been all through that; arrange with one of the servants….because you can never tell – some alcoholics are pleasant and some of them are not, but all of them can be rotten9789635220335_p0_v1_s192x300
  • She was going to take care of him because nobody else would
  • He stood up, steadying himself on the wash-basin and fixing his eyes on some place just ahead
  • Suddenly she knew he wasn’t looking for that. He was looking at the corner where he had thrown the bottle the night before. She stared at his handsome face, weak and defiant–afraid to turn even half-way because she knew that death was in that corner where he was looking. She knew death–she had heard it, smelt its unmistakable odour, but she had never seen it before it entered into anyone, and she knew this man saw it in the corner of his bathroom; that it was standing there looking at him while he spat from a feeble cough and rubbed the result into the braid of his trousers. It shone there crackling for a moment as evidence of the last gesture he ever made.
  • She tried to express it next day to Mrs Hixson: ‘It’s not like anything you can beat–no matter how hard you try. This one could have twisted my wrists until he strained them and that wouldn’t matter so much to me. It’s just that you can’t really help them and it’s so discouraging–it’s all for nothing.’

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