Where am I?

Task: with “Man on flat roof of high building” as a prompt, write 300 words immediately.

Where am I? What’s going on? Why is the sun blazing? Where am I? Does it have to be so bright, damn it! Okay wait. Where am I? The hard concrete has grazed my head. Is this a rooftop? What is going on? How did I end up here on this darned roof? I need to get up. The sun rays are blinding me. Okay nice and slow…woa…steady there…steady…steady…damn it…steady. Okay now I’m up. Now what? Yeah. Where am I? What is that? Is that a glass building? Is this the rooftop of a darned building? That doesn’t make any sense. How could I have gotten here? Damn my head hurts. Okay, now steadily walk towards the wall. I might be able to…steady… get a look across…steady…steady…okay…now I’m looking down – woa! That is some height there! Must be a good four, five hundred feet. Okay stop. Breath. Think. First questions first. How did I end up here? What time is it? Must be two in the afternoon. Or three. What the fuck does it matter? Trace back. Where are the stairs? There must be stairs here somewhere. I need to get down first. Okay all I see is a flat, concrete floor. What the hell? There has got to be a staircase here somewhere. Fuck, I’m sweating. I need fresh air. Great time for a private joke you nonce, find the stairs…or a darned ladder…yeah there has got to be ladder somewhere. Damn the sun! Okay stop. Breath. What is going on? How did I end up here if there are no stairs or ladders. Okay I need to sit down for a second. And breath. Trace back. First things first. Where am I? A rooftop of a high-rise building. Okay glad we settled that you prick. Serious now. Okay.


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