One of the chief delights of life reside in the most fleeting, seemingly insignificant moments of life such as scraping with the spoon, the last residue of sugar at the bottom of the tea cup that somehow managed to escape the constant stirring whilst thoughts unrelated to the act being performed by your hands were whirring inside your mind. That residue of sugar is diluted, has lost much of its crunch, and is soft upon the tongue all the while retaining the savoury flavour or green tea that had graced the cup a few moments ago. When much of the cup’s contents are gulped down and what remains is that mildly warm sip, you reach out for the table spoon that rests on the tray, eager to scrape out the wet sugar, and indulge yourself in some of the finest yet unnoticed pleasures of life.

One thought on “Remembrance

  1. Beautiful comparison. Did you mean that while stirring, the one, who stirs, doesn’t concentrate on the process and his ‘unrelated thoughts’ are actually forming the reason why this residue remains?
    Anyway i will post it to my facebook page 🙂


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