Drafted Ramblings

Disillusioned (15th July, 2014)

They say one can travel the wide expanse of the world just by reading books, for in the countless stories are embedded the most far-off places and lives of those one can only faintly dream of visiting and knowing once in a lifetime. They say that if you immerse yourself deep enough into the realms of books, whilst sitting on a sofa with your back against the cushion, or whilst laying in your cozy bed, you can travel far and wide, as distant as the words on the pages before you might take you. Say if that were true, I’ve traveled a good measure of Victorian England, and Colombia, and the rest of South America, and a bit of Europe, far North-West upto the highlands of Scotland, post and pre Stalin Russia, and the subcontinent and the US. Yet, here I am, laying on my bed, my head plopped on a hard pillow, reading David Foster Wallace, unable to comprehend the austerity of his words and his travels as he gives a satirical account of a journey to the Caribbean. I’m wholly unaware of the American phraseology he uses time and time again. I’m detached from his experience, which makes me wonder if I really did travel all those places aforementioned or is reading and traveling a layman’s experience and one who cannot enjoy either is more than willing to attribute reading to the joys of traveling physically? Of course, it must be. I might have traveled wide courses of the world in fiction, but all the while I was sat at home, in a somber corner in my mind. And the realisation strikes me hard. Let’s see where DFW’s journey takes me; either into the mind of one aboard a cruise ship or deeper into my own frantic head, re-evaluating the choices I’ve made in my life, analysing the reality of reading. I still wait for a knock.

The Butterfly Effect (30th July, 2014)

That the lives of 298 strangers aboard the MH17 were inextricably linked to the clash of Ukraine & Russia that had erupted a few months ago. That there is no chaos, but order prevailed, even in a war zone which pronounced their deaths. Their life was to end on the account of a rotten political decision taken months or perhaps years ago. That when they had boarded the plane, unknown forces were set in motion, which coincided with their deaths. That when they were born, each and every one of the 298 individuals, their life was fated to end on an account of a revolt on a distant land. That their deaths were a consequence of the very distant battle they might have heard about in the news, yet went on about their lives, with no concern how it could result in a disruption of their own lives.


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