Day 2


The starry night sky was a solace. Silence enveloped her and pitch black darkness shielded her from the outside world. She laid back, imagining herself in a bubble, lighter than her existence, lighter than air, rising up, up and up. Higher and higher into the deepest distances of the cosmos, floating inside, she was serenading herself with words that swayed out of the tip of her pen. She was engraving the thin air with her mystical words. Words that threaded together to make sentences; sentences that layered upon one another to form stories – stories of bygone days, stories of the past, the history, the ancient, the timeless, the mystical.


The noise was deafening.

“My character can’t be human here”, she thought and tore off the page, crumpled it into a ball and threw it into her half unzipped backpack.

She looked around at the maze of concrete jungle surrounding her. She was not overwhelmed. She thought of the lackluster city that contained her mere, futile existence. The grey bench was still wet from last night’s showers and the somber clouds overhead provided no inspiration. Her pen squeaked like nails scratched on a wall and the tree in front was a grim reminder of autumn that had overstayed its visit.

“What if I make my character suicidal?”

She pondered over the possibility of writing a short story, and giving an even shorter life to her character.

“He commits suicide by hanging to a tree outside his childhood home.”

She began writing.

She looked at the naked tree in front of her.

She entitled the story:

“The Tree of Loss”


  1. Which of the two stories is more coherent in its form and style?
  2. Do the two stories present an obvious withdrawal from the topic?

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