There is a derogatory tape to my name that I would much like to get rid off. It takes the blame for my misfortunes rightly so, for they root from its very existence. It besmirches my name and attaches to it a label that hinders self progression. It is much stagnant and what follows is repugnant in nature. Oft evaded when writ , but formality imposes its functioning as that of a parent which must be necessitated at the time of documentation. There is a certain relativity between ones existence and ones name; the latter donned perhaps merely as a tribute to where one belongs from or to. A seed is borne and the glory emanating from a last name is propelled towards its entire live-long life. Carried on, blessed. Rarely, one finds oneself harboring stringent feelings for mere alphabets, enmeshed. I am that rare ridicule, seeking the day for an unblemished, lone signature, perhaps with love.


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