A Skeptics Trail of Thought. Mine.

Definitely a Draft, and so it shall remain.

The quest for generalization is quite pretentious. And I say this for the entire current populace; including myself. We are continually pigging over misinformation and are desirous of cultural domination that egg us on morphing into self-indulgent, ego-boosting parasites. Humanity has had a deep-rooted affinity with the agenda to “live forever” and apparently in the recent years has made this its primary objective. The long deserted adage “live forever or not to live at all” seemed to give way to our inclination towards the former.

We might be slaves to physics, thwarting and spiraling down at a speed greater than light (not known to Man, for now) but the degradation laws remain the same. Indoctrinated masses continue to hamper the progress by feigning an understanding they do not possess. Or they are likely to profess a discussion or argument which is insufficient to warrant logic on the most intrinsic of levels. Here the binding humility, which usually shields a common man’s ignorance, takes leave and reveals the obscenity of swaying opinions. Wave upon wave takes a course different to the ones earlier leaving scores of wretchedness and confusion. It is but a modern day itch to insist on the right, or if not, then to blindly follow the systematic decay of presumptions.

Modern age revels in cursing the Blessed Silence, of which I personally am most fond of. It also has annihilated any chance of attacking one’s own perspective which in turn has expunged the need to question. Is it not the way of life to make infinite assumptions in order to exist as a perceptive kind? Is not regression the one necessity of pragmatic action in life?

Our insatiable conscious is a by-product of a much more spontaneous and holistic plan. But the fundamental nature of Man, of which he abides by throughout his life, is further being invalidated by reasonings the Society is posing on behalf of a “Righteous Stance.” The foremost culprit of the revelry being the Social Media. One comment string breeds infinite thoughts, no matter how subconsciously one succumbs to them. One retweet supplements an idea while another complements the same. And every news strip augments fact-based lies to reality making it even harder to discern the truth from the embedded headlines.

How people can believe in the subversive nature of these gradients is quite unknown to me. Empathy does not live by comprehension. Expressing genial awareness of the possibility of errors in your own thought process can actually be quite an experience in itself. But the mundane yet conditioned insistence on blindly following the rote-lovers continues.