5th of February, 2012.

A week ago, I decided to dally into the past by taking up on the Harry Potter books. After months of comprehending pseudo-intellectual works that often hinted on philosophical and psychological impacts (Of Human Bondage by Somerset Maugham, Animal Farm by George Orwell and such); philandering with the Austen Classics (Mansfield Park, Sense and Sensibility), I finally took my leave from literary substance and decided to luxuriate in the much buoyant writings – namely J.K Rowling and Roald Dahl. It was like strolling into childhood. In a sense of urgency to read, I knuckled down to the Potter series.

It has been a mere seven days and I have already digested the first three books of the series in entirety. In the course I have been repeatedly reprimanded and threatened by my sister who is a true Potterhead; “One does not touch a Harry Potter book without respect!” And if this were the 1700’s, I am sure she would not have hesitated a moment to dismiss me to the gallows for the following confession: it took me ten solid years to realize that Harry Potter impressed upon a generation – my generation.

Later on, I plan to read the LOTR trilogy. Afterall, and without a doubt, it is the book of the century. But amidst all this magic, the Middle World will have to wait.

P.S I am already showing signs of pottermania.

Keeping the literature aside, tomorrow we face our bitter rivals Chelsea at Stamford Bridge. If the planetary alignment (my natural rejoinder now a days largely owing to Stargazing and Potter) does justice by me, I shall be able to get a good kick out of the game whilst sipping on coffee and reclining comfortably against the headstand of my cozy, old bed. If the aforementioned event fails to happen, I shall assume the nature of a sore puss and continue cussing the Blues for not postponing the match. But for all fuck knows, they are already knee-deep surfing for a snowy excuse (pun much?) to delay the match. Mind you all it takes is a flick of flake with them. (Word-play FTW!) I know take a respectable leave from the rambling post.


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