Me, a Highroller.

I gambled. Still am. I stuck my neck out, tempting fortune and favour. Where do I stand now? In the midst of platudinous mediocrity. A run of the mill. A moth-eaten prosaic of which I feel nothing of. Did I not settle for such terms myself? Did I not dispose myself to such notions? I did. When did I run out of passion? That rapture the enthralled and spelled out my life? Age and time convulsed my vigour. I am all but beat. I still recall the morning I woke up to an exhausted eagerness to walk the line I had sketched for myself. The night I resumed a daily routine of potheadedness, leading nothing but a less than usual lifestyle. The day I quit pacifying myself and settled for mediocrity. I look around me at the accelerated world; like a candle burning at both ends. I look at me; I’m nothing but a moments wick.


One thought on “Me, a Highroller.

  1. My candles arrived today. I am burning the Roasted Chestnut in the Family room and the Banana Nut Bread in the kitchen as I write this. The house smells FABULOUS! I have bought many different brands of scented candles and have not been impressed; this is the first time I have bought Springhouse Candles and I am very impressed with them and I am very happy with the “high fragrance” output. I believe they are the best I have ever burned. I have also directed my Mother and my friend to your site. In fact, I need to put in another order myself!!! I am glad I found your website!! Thank you!


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