Arbitration – Kind of?

"Let’s forge a secret. Together, contemplate silently. Morbid is the imagination of the unknown. I write."

The social media has been quite nagging lately. One status update followed by a share and the entire fraternity seems to have a know-how of a particular subject/incident. Information gathering has stunned us emotionally to a level where knowledge seems vacant and most of the times completely unnecessary. I talk about me, myself and alone. A few months ago, I came to terms with the beetling difference of defination between ‘information’ and ‘knowledge’. The two terms as variant as ‘want’ and ‘need’. What helped me get through the angst and actuation of trivial matters was a neutral stance. For many, I might have employed myself in a catalyst of cold arrests where nothing rivets my emotions. Or Bitch, in slang. Yes, so be it.

It’s bizarrely inappropriate for us to ridicule sentiments; be it with the Shamsul Anwer case of recent, or the Arfa Karim tragedy. Everyone is terribly ill-informed, yet the curiosity to budge in a few sympathetic, dedicated statuses doesn’t take a minute of withdrawal and thought let alone sincerity. Why must we indulge in a demonstrative charge, gambling on emotions?

Don’t have an opinion just because influence overpowers conscience. I rest my case.


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