Monday, 31st of October, 2011.

Silence is the most comforted blessing, I have finally come to realize. Where words fail to justify me I seek a seal to my lips and rest my voice. Silence is but my friendliest advocate. Finding refuge in determined approaches to correct my acts for a loved one seems vague. I’d rather be misunderstood and bear a slight tinge to the heart than explain my way and be more pained at else’s cost. Selfish, yes. Often a times in the past I have been wrongly accused of judging one. What is judgement without compassion and bearing nothing but good will? How can I present this with words when it is to be sensed alone? I am hurt slightly but not enough to cloud my reasoning. The only difference between this unusual occurrence and the ones in the past is that this time I chose to be indifferent and quietly bid adieu impromptu. I shall not allow the already corrupted nuggets of my conscience to feed upon spite. This miserable incident of a few moments must be forgotten before dawn.


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