My “Meh” at Womankind!

I am full of resentment for people around me, especially the women kind. So without further ado, I’d like to parrot out some recent instances and vent out my frustration in most humble words.

Instance No. 1

I’m standing in a queue at Cinepax, waiting to purchase tickets. A friend spots me from the men’s line adjacent to mine. We have a brief dialogue. I hear two women behind me cynically comment on how some people just know good English and how much they are impressed.

Inference: Some people finger matters that do not concern them whatsoever. Such people (typically women) are low on good fucks. Hence, they need a good fuck. Consequentially, these women are only good for fucking too. Hah!

Instance No. 2

I’m watching a movie as soundlessly as I can. Two women behind me are commenting on how Voldemort’s nose looks exactly like somebody.  I politely ask them to keep it down.  One of the girls has the audacity to say “No I won’t” and then starts ramming “La La La” rowdily. A jiffy later, a kid throws something in my popcorn.

Inference: These women were low on good cock as well. Also, I suspect that the Mama Woman told the Kid to throw something in my popcorn. Some parents themselves equip their kids with such uncivil acts. Such parents need a good fuck too (from other people, mind you).

Instance No. 3

I’m sitting in the Conference Room jotting down points regarding my work clangers. The team lead cites my name and a mistake. The new girl snickers and says (and I quote) “Of course this is a mistake!

Inference: You can wear short tight clothes. You can bicker around, gossip and have hysterics with men. You can befriend them with your teenage charm. You can still never get a good fuck.


Rolling the clocks back, I can quote various other occurrences whereupon I have been a victim of the vile woman kind – stranger or friend. Not a victim per se, but a witness to their discourteous behavior and irrational attitudes. I myself am a woman and by no means do I want to hold myself unaccountable from my own kind. But I can assuredly be proud that none of the scandalmongering, gossip indulging, messing in others business’ “talents” have bred inside me. Perhaps this is why I have never met a woman in my life whom I could connect with on a personal level. They all look like walking shams to me.

Here, I’d like to take a moment away from all the umbrage, and be grateful for all my male friends for keeping it real. They have kept me at par from the idiocy of the female sex. Men are beautiful creatures, and I love all my men. Period.

Now that I feel dandy about letting it all out, I can continue my life as usual. Later!


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