Manchester United 8 – 2 Arsenal

“Fergie’s resurrection of club Busby built”

United: Welbeck ’22, Young ’28, Rooney ’41, Rooney ’64, Nani ’67, Park Ji-Sung ’70, Rooney (pen) ’82 & Young ’91.

Arsenal: Walcott ’45+3 & Van Persie ’74 with Jenkinson red-carded.



Revealed and Relieved

I am but a constant, echoing through questions of reason. Why am I? This is hot asphalt on my chest, casting and carving shadows. This is pain. This is faltered communication that beings about roaring winds from the past. Why is this? I seek not the answer, little less the remedy. I let it go. I try. Scrape that emotion out and I’m a void. What makes me so human? This is scarring. I made good today, I failed at night again. I’m back to ground zero now. I sense distance, measurable. I taste hours, deniable. I have to pull back carefully enough not to back out. Minus the tainted emotion, I’m done. You sinned once, you’ll sin again. Mercy! Brazen shoulders, heaving. I’m cold now. You sought once, you’ll seek again…

Note to Self

  1. Lower sugar intake considerably on daily basis.
  2. Don’t stock up food FOR work hours and IN work hours.
  3. Empty wallet means no junk.
  4. Stop watching Masterchef.
  5. Avoid visiting BBC Food’s website.
  6. Deny all cravings.
  7. Savor the little on plate.
  8. Remember, Holy Prophet P.B.U.H would never eat to heart’s content – which is also a Sunnat.


Manchester United 3 – 0 Tottenham Hotspurs.

With goals by Welbeck ’61, Anderson ’76 & Rooney ’87, we won our first pressing game of the season.

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