Brusque Moments.

Sometimes the convention of your days gets disoriented. That ‘sometimes’ is this moment for me. Every event that led last night could have been avoided to stay focused on my so-far, so-good, perfectly aligned days. Unfortunately, the avoidance itself was avoided and here I am stuck with a bulk of “what if’s” in my head. Clear thinking on my part could have diagnosed every instance with ease. But what is, is. Indifference to petty matters seems the only solution – a fight for survival. Be it the workplace or inside the four walls of my abode, paying absolutely no heed to objects of annoyance is a lesson well learnt. Despite all the absorptions, I haven’t quite exercised these credos to their fullest. And this is where my fault lies.

A whirlpool of questions remains unattended. A few days ago I noticed my memory pulverizing down-hill. After applying a tactic of not feeding my curiosity any more, I have been able to contain my retention. Question marks keep assembling themselves in my head, and I keep shunning them with a period. Curiosity is much like a sinuous plague, a disease of the mind and I have been affected well enough to singularize the differences of the impasse. Google and Wikipedia are a no-mans-land now except, of course, in dire cases. Not every query needs to be resolved.

I’ll keep this entry short. Confrontation with words buffs me up. Later!