A Mint of Overkill.

I feel like I’ve been overworked. Yet, here I am optimizing my internet time and disregarding all the hankerings for more sleep. I was in a kip for more than twelve hours today, when I should have used a day very much like this to harvest something productive. I did not.

This week has largely been devoted to zipping back and forth from work to home. At the crack of dawn today, however, my friends and I decided to dawdle around. We ended up at the Rendezvous ground just when the mighty Sun was escalating into the sky. Oh my! It was a sight worth it. The fiery disc of indiscernible energy was just mounting up right in front of our eyes, shaded by a few tree branches. Only if I had a clicker to preserve the moment as it was. Nature never fails to intrigue me.

I am on common grounds with a friend who is apparently a great advocate of Silence. The intrinsic worth of this Blessing can surely not be measured with a few words of appraisal. It took me almost nineteen years to connect the dots between Indifference and Silence. The latter breeds the former. I say this regarding personal experiences which are irreducibly nameless. Anyhow, keeping these nosy affairs aside I can gratefully say that at last I’m aboard the Indifference cruise. It all starts with keeping the hole in my mouth shut as often as I can.

And as I go into a trance with the Last of the Mohicans theme, I’m wondering if Time itself encompasses the sum and totality of all human perspicacity and understanding. How antithetical would it be to strive for the perfect balance underpinned by our “human-ness”? Yet here we are conquering Time, overpowering inherent human needs and skating a tightrope behind Lucifer. Here the adage “less really is more” crystallizes its true meaning in an instant.

I need a break from all this negativity yet again. Later!


4 thoughts on “A Mint of Overkill.

  1. Anonymous says:

    You are only looking to one side of silence, there are many. Silence is not always full of meaning. It could be Phony.
    No Offence


  2. Anonymous says:

    I would love to suggest you one thing. Nineteen years are enough to know the difference between silence and indifference but its not enough to state someone advocate of silence. One(people) has the tendency to use this quality to mold others.
    One who has the true power of silence to convince others are usually found hiding this quality.


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