Symbolic, Literally.

I’ve been right for all the wrong reasons. Disambiguation intended. The sudden realization from an everyday “Oops I made a boopie!” to a much graver “What is the matter with me?” does hit me pretty hard especially when I’m already on the verge of breaking out…again. It might be of the most trivial importance that I forgot to bring back a platter of gravy from office. Yet it strikes chords for my inner repressions which have almost mechanically started to resurface again. My consequential actions have led me to believe that down one road or another, I’m not capable of almost anything. It’s not the drive of this moment that has led me to this conclusion. Quite the contrary actually, of which I must not delineate on. Threading along curiosity has led to nothing but a more suppressive void of questions. Questions which branch out (with their answers) into more objective intrigues. And once the intrigue is content, I manoeuvre towards even more Question Marks. Ah! Silly me. Should have bunged up at the Period itself.


One thought on “Symbolic, Literally.

  1. For anyone ..for whom freedom alone just isnt good enough – predominantly we would guess ..those who have never been deprived of it – there is a wealth of evidence indicating ..that it provides lots of material goodies as well. So much so that you would have struggle pretty hard to come up with something else to which to attribute the ..worlds success stories…..Yet a significant number of politicians academics and others around the continue to insist that free markets are dangerous and not to be trusted ..that it is markets not governments which need to be restrained and that a high of government control of the economy somehow results in a more humane ..society than that produced by the ruthlessness of the marketplace…..So for those for whom even material well-being is not enough the Canadian-based ..Fraser Institute the U.S.-based Cato Institute and the Hong Kong Centre for ..Economic Research have included human and social development indicators in ..their Economic Freedom of the World 2000 Annual Report released yesterday…..Looking at such indicators as life expectancy access to health care and ..literacy the report shows that those countries falling into the top 20 in ..terms of economic freedom dramatically and consistently outperform all others.


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