My heart hasn’t sunk this low since months now. But it had to happen sooner or later. I welled up today early in the morning. Guess when reality strikes, all your generic wishes and wants band up and rat out on you. I’d rather not go into the particulars of this personal turmoil, but only one thing kept me aloof from going into the repressive state again: surrendering to His Will, and being content with whatever is. Hopefully, and by His Will, I’ll funnel out of this in no time. Meanwhile, writing is my only solace.

Keeping these soi-disant issues aside, my second day at work went just fine. My iconoclastic tendencies will never do me any good so I have to notch down on ideas regarding racism, discrimination and such other disturbing “virtues”. They might be inherent, but I have to harmonize myself out of them in such a way that it does not upset my personal well-being and ideologies.

On a lighter note, I have two Liverpool fans, one Arsenal and two other Manchester United fans in my batch. The ostentatious babbling of Scousers on how they will “never walk alone” and KOP and Lord knows what other Liverpudlian-themed, big-headed talks they indulge into – I can never make my way across it. I draw blanks at their impassive and highly erroneous beliefs about the club. Big LOL at that! Being an Arsenal fan is somewhat plausible…Let’s just thank that there is no Chelsea or worse, City fan with me. I would have ridiculed them to indefinite limits. Anyways, I’m still blessed to have an agreeable group with fine people.

Besides my daily morning driving sessions, mammoth hunger pangs and even mammoth-er feeding tirades, I have not much to type down. Hoping to hit the sack with an unhampered conscious now. Later!


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