Literati Much?

It’s like a personal derby tomorrow. A physics practical paper (of which I have not the slightest clue) followed by a Board Interview at Touchstone. I have sketched a plan on how to go about these two activities. The former will be more like a spur-of-the-moment thing which includes bilking the answers from other girls. The latter will be impromptu, something like: “What are your weaknesses?” “Oh, I’m a midget, I can’t see over people.” Anyways, I just let one rip. The decibels have mortified my conscious, and now the chair reeks of mango pulp.

My irrefutably poor pocket has fortified me inside these four walls. I’m bound to entertain myself by movies, F.R.I.E.N.D.S, South Park and now The Trial by Franz Kafka. I have been thinking about the nature of what might be, exactly, that constitutes the term “Kafkaesque”. According to Wikipedia, the term is “widely used to describe concepts, situations and ideas which are reminiscent of Kafka’s works, particularly The Trial…” I suppose it refers to a certain story infused into a labyrinth, where the plot itself in imperceptible yet ubiquitous. The design of themes and motifs are out of step with reality yet are agreeably consistent with their own logic and run parallel to the plot. Or perhaps it is the intertwined element of farce and grand guignol (thanks to the dictionary of literary terms). The crux of my thesis remains the same however. I’d require an erudite to answer this question now since I’m running antipodal with both possibilities.

Also, reading an eBook on the PC with a sore bottom is not a cushy ride. The constant scrolling, wiggling in chair, and an inability to recline back on something squashy and furry – all chip in to an immediate disinterest and exclusion of one’s attention, especially if the plot is as convulsed as is in this story. I have gone off tangent with my time now. Later!


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