Lethargic Proceeds of the Mind.

My unproductivity today has hit a toll now. Over the clock, for the past 3 days, I’ve been sloshing in front of the PC watching documentaries, movies and TV series of all sorts. Besides that, I have cared well for my appetite, fostered my nature calls adequately and slept to my heart’s content. Almost mechanically now, the leisures have begun to wear me off and I am really looking forward to the unarticulated agendas I had all planned earlier.

As usual I strummed my day’s beginnings with a good head-bang to some trance music. I have noticed that this particular genre really gets me up and going nowadays. Anyways, I watched Get Him to the Greek and another Michael Moore documentary “Sicko”. The former was heaps of good, quality entertainment. The latter however was a depressing testimony of the 3 C’s (Capitalism, Consumerism, Cunts) and their disparaging impacts on the common person. Well, what can one expect of a civilization which is not in a habit of cleaning their genitals after attending a restroom? They can have all the fresh water in the world at the cost of depriving twenty million people of it, and yet they are adamant on using a friggin’ toilet paper instead of water!

I’ll be brutally frank in this blog. They expound on petty matters yet they negate the most crucial whys and wherefores for their deterioration. Their war on terrorism which effectively entails prejudiced judgments of a few men, their hand in glove liaisons with oil, their appalling policies on healthcare and a reprehensible approach to mass production for food – what are they coming to with all this? I can continue prattling on this subject, but I’d just be going around in circles. Kleptocracy has seeped in, with its roots weltering people to deprivations and eventual deaths. Such is the picture of the great American Dream. If only I could start a campaign called “The True American Dream – for Jews only”. The next time a simpering mendicant spouts out how great the West is, I’d better deal with him or her personally.

Earlier this week Obama claimed to have lost the War on Drugs. Surrendering to potheads is one thing; fabricating phrases that each starts with “War on…” is another. And whilst Hilary Clinton pursues presidency at World Bank, pop culture tries to remain level-headed with our ignorance of realities.

Normally I agonize over minutiae of explanations “History of the World” is exploiting me with but I still stand in the thicket due to one question alone: Why hasn’t anyone tried connecting the dots between Science and Religion regarding the two principle doctrines of each; the theory of evolution and the belief that Adam was the first Man on earth? As Muslims, we believe that around one lac forty thousand Prophets were sent on earth in the due course of history. As rationale human beings (of sound judgment and yammer yammer) Darwin claimed that we evolved from primates namely rodents and later our kind was classified into Homo Erectus, Homo Sapiens, Homo Sapiens Sapiens and what not. So from Adam and onwards, how does this timeline fixture compare with the Prophets? I am not questioning the beliefs of our religion. Rather, I’m discerning on why no one has ever explored into this? Why hasn’t Science provided a plausible explanation since it asserts all sorts of other notions into our heads.

Anyways, I am merely cranking through the pages for now. Concision of thought rather than expansion seems like an optimal road for me. A lesson well learnt. I can only await for a scholar’s solution to this pressing question.



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