Quirks Here and There.

It’s not only waggish, but a tad bit unsettling too when one sees a “JOIN ME ON FACEBOOK *inset driver’s name*” stamped behind an ordinary cab. I happened to see one at a red light near the Zero Point junction yesterday. The driver obviously needed a quantum of sense from the machismo driven culture. I guess the arse-end crunch of recession has reduced everybody to seek asylum in dross, wheeled-out aspects of our society. Everybody is ravening for survival one way or another, whether it is through facebook inherited fame or a wish to trend on twitter because you have cancer, the reality being ineffably disturbing in both cases. This got me thinking about the doppelgangers of our society with their inexplicable and sinister harbingers of doom; the social media being one of them. So, it’s not just Goldman Sachs.

The interview yesterday went fairly well, except when they inquired about any weaknesses I bore & I couldn’t put a finger on anything. My pettifogging subconscious somehow thinks I was definite rubbish.  Of course, I don’t pay heed to anything it says – and, mind you, it says a lot! I have now been called in again on Monday for a board interview. I don’t want to be disarrayed in front of a whole lot of people now, so I better be prepared for this one.

I started on a short story a while ago, and have drawn a blank again. Expectedly enough, it still hasn’t hit its pivotal point. The steer isn’t there anymore and the characters are shadowed in nonentity. Too much is and already has been written, and little of it is of any consequence. The theme and motif itself is of insignificance. As a crude generalization of my writings so far, I don’t think I’m capable of writing a short story…ever. Alright, enough quibbling now.

Also, I set off for reading “History of the World” by J.M Roberts. This bulk of a book has a very interesting start to it, which I’ll quote from Chapter 1, The Foundations.

The roots of history lie in the prehuman past and it is hard to grasp just how long ago that was. If we think of a century on or calendar as a minute on some great clock recording the passage of time, then white Europeans began to settle in the Americas only about five minutes ago. Slightly less than fifteen minutes before that, Christianity appeared. Rather, more than an hour ago a people settled in southern Mesopotamia who were soon to evolve the oldest civilization known to us. This is already well beyond the furthest margin of written record; according to our clock people began writing down the past much less than an hour ago, too. Some six or seven hours further back on our scale and much more remote, we can discern the first recognizable human beings of modern physiological type already established in western Europe. Behind them, anything from a fortnight to three weeks earlier, appear the first traces of creatures with some manlike characteristics whose contribution to the evolution which followed is still in debate.

P.S: Despite the stodginess of the book, I do intend to finish it.



4 thoughts on “Quirks Here and There.

    • Well, as a beginner, I’d suggest you start with some Dan Brown and Paulo Coelho. Now I don’t know what kinda “beginner” you are, else I would have suggested R.L. Stine and J.K Rowling too.


  1. Anonymous says:

    haha. RL Stine is for Children. lol
    I used to read them when i was a kid. Few years back I started reading John Grisham and Sydney Sheldon. But then I stopped.


    • Sincere apologies. I was not aware of your reading level. In that case, I’d recommend you Keats if you are into poetry at all. I recently started on Dante’s Divine Comedy, which unfortunately is still some major pending reading material.


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