Siphoning Energy Etc.

“Speak the Truth, Shame the Devil” has never been my motto. I start off this blog with an absolutely non-considerate, philo term that is a concoction of my monotonous thoughts and a vacant head. I have been scraping the bottom (of my brainbox, of course) for a myriad of ideas that could spin my reserves and lobby some movement into me. Alas, in vain. It’s like I just can’t be arsed around to do more than this whinge laden bloc of words. I can haz nits in me hair, antz in me pants, leeches in me feet, but I budge not. Sigh!

If my memory strikes the past correctly, I remember chalking out plans for the daily activities I were to embark upon. So far none of those far-fetched designs have registered on my radar. My chance of becoming a productive member of the society has obliterated to shit. This is not an idyllic phase of life. This is Indolepocalypse!


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