Connoisseur Much?

Since raping uTorrent has became an everyday practice, I can now attend to the long list of “Must Watch Movies” that I had amassed in my head for ages. Food Inc. was first on the list. After an hour and a half of watching what the 3 C’s (namely Capitalism, Consumerism & Cunts) have been continually feeding us, I just can’t help but thank Lord Almighty for blessing us with the boons of life especially regarding “food”. What the West calls food is neither natural nor consumable. When you are re-fabricating what only Nature can provide best, you are flouting with the nitty-gritty laws of Nature on a very basic level. Anyhow, this debate can tower for pages and pages but some intrinsic human beliefs are better left unscathed.

On a lighter note, America can jizz about their FDA and USDA institutions (with their policies reeking of perverseness). I have my Momma to tell me what to devour and what not to, that too with sound reasoning and a somewhat obliging repercussion. America 0, Fuzzy 1!

I’m a tad bit slow on the creativity front now a days. Blame it on the racking last one month of uninterrupted studying. With no footie to look forward to and an absolutely vacuous head, life is all about the gut and the sleep. Also, I have no idea what day it is today. The inertia of laziness is a sedative for my already stagnant mind. Why am I sounding such the stroppy cow? I have now mastered and harbored the Art of Indolence. That’s what John Keats said too. I’ll stop now.


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