Information Overload

ENTRY 13/4/11

I’ve been cramming my head with all the information the mighty world can infuse into me. It’s a much composed realization, yet I cannot bring myself to pull the plug on this fixation. Undeniably, this particular ingestion has adversely affected me; my decision-making has sapped & the surety of dictating other fields of life especially the one concerning academic stability has toppled incurably.

My mind is a parasite guzzling on the inexhaustible world, all the more terrible when roused. The fusty “information” assembles and disperses with equal suddenness in this fickle and ambiguous ocean. Alas! I’m just another sallow prisoner of my conscience. That being said, idle talk never outlives reasoning. So, I’ll just peter out on this subject.

On a lighter note, I now can recall the 27 member states of the EU. Also, I’ve somewhat become proficient at playing Mahjong. Of course both the aforementioned “flairs” are absolute codswallop! And now I end this rave.


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