DRAFT 27/2/11

A quarter of a mile away; a few blank pages would soon flow with ink. A notebook will be extracted from a shelf drawn out. A door will fling open. A wooden bolt will unlock. A flight of steps will be climbed hastily. A gate will be unhinged noisily. A subway ticket will be carelessly thrown on the sidewalk. A pole will be tightly held onto. A seat will be scuffled for by some men. A sleeve will get stuck in the doorway. A collar button will break in half. An old wristwatch will be tapped upon irately. Two men will be greeted with indifference.

The two men will continue their journey downtown. The minute hand of the old wristwatch will stop working. The broken half of the collar button will further crush under three-inch pencil heels. The doorway will jerk open every now and then. A hippie will occupy the seat. Seven hands will still hold onto the icy pole. A fast car will blow the subway ticket towards an open gutter in the street. The noisy gate will wake up the tenants.

Out of the two men, one will stop by at Ryes and order a fruit salad. He is in his late thirties and eats with a sense of extravagant indulgence. He will be back home before the family dinner. He will takes out his wallet and unroll a five and twenty dollar bill. He will remind himself to save enough for his trip back. He will then ask the waiter to pack another bowl of fruit salad.

A girl in her early twenties will take an early train back home. She is dressed chicly. Her three-inch heels show off her ripe age. Her gait is suggestive. A hippie will whistle as she gets on the subway. She will ignore him invariably and mutter some inaudible curses under her breath. She will then put the ticket in her fancy handbag and fish out a hand mirror. She will frivolously blush at her own image.

The hippie will make himself comfortable on his seat. He will bluntly gawk at every passenger standing in front of him. He will then start humming Streets of Philadelphia and begin tapping his feet on the metal floor.

A stray dog will sniff around and chew some leftovers. The subway ticket will be ripped in half; one residing in the dog, the other abandoned on the side of an open gutter in the street…


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