Carping About

ENTRY 1/4/11

Another day frittered away without any progress on the whole oh-I-gotta-study-plan. Guess I’m not much of a pragmatist when it comes to sealing the deal with all the blueprints in my head. I’ve been so immersed in watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S & spending an excruciating spell of time deciding what to eat that I almost forgot about the traumatizing month that yet has to go all cockcrow on me (and hopefully two million other kids). By the way, this is just another ‘hit and miss’ realization – here today, gone tomorrow.

Come to think of it, I’m not completely wide of the mark – at least not yet. I’ve thirty more days to get my act together and who knows, I might win a lotto and end up in Sicily. Or, I could just start taking this whole studying business seriously with a resolute head. Though what are the odds of the former happening? And I’m so not answering this question myself. I hate statistical math, let alone calculus. I don’t mind algebra, or geometry, or trigonometry for that matter. But do I have to integrate and differentiate and crunch numbers in all the bizarre methods possible? I can’t even get my head around the elementary formulas. Rote learning is not my (for lack of a better phrase) line of attack. Mathematics, and I’m strictly referring to it as a subject & a subject alone, is an abomination. Period. Blimey! What course has this entry embarked upon! 😛

For now, I need to pull the plug on being a major nitpicker. It’s only a matter of time (a month to be more precise) till I completely yield to the gravity of this dire situation. Time is running out but my words aren’t. Oh Lord I need to get a life. Later!


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