ENTRY 30/3/11

I guess I’ll just quit fawning about how remarkably my revision is going; I always end up jinxing it – which I don’t mind at all. But, with an exact month left, I think it’s almost time to catch up with that browbeating, nerve-wracking hulk of a syllabus. I realize I should have had this thought a month ago, which by the way I did…and that’s so not the point of this entry. Which reminds me, two days ago, I pledged allegiance to an absolutely inane plan in my head – that I were to write at least a hundred words daily so as to shore up my writing skills. In all mindfulness, it was absurd. But somehow, as I suspect, the notion got fixated in my subconscious. And ta-da; this entry is a rejoinder and almost an involuntary one. Okay, now I am just scaring myself away from me. Why the hell would I pretend to be making a conversation with words that I’m mechanically just typing away? Why am I getting the impression that the computer screen can actually hear me? I think it’s time for my catnap. Later!


One thought on “ENTRY 30/3/11

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