ENTRY 9/2/11

A sloppy day at the college, whisked with comical incidents was pretty much the highlight for today. The morning was a drag with particulars of kidney related pain. Else then that, it was an agreeable day. I came to terms with the obligation of studies, which I had indefinitely forgotten – on purpose. Since my admission has gone (phew that!), there is no point worrying for anything except the finals. Mechanically, that sort of nerve-racking state still hasn’t dawned upon me. Maybe I am gearing for good.

I wonder why the womankind is insubstantial at such a critical age and era. Waiting for my van near the college gate, two girls caught my attention with their nauseating conversation. Later it stirred up to someone’s love affair and they endlessly discussed some facebook related breakup. I didn’t mean to eavesdrop (one can’t help overhearing loud women), but this mindless chatter of theirs was just amusing. I confess. Secretly, did I snigger at their naiveté. How their eager little brains discoursed on what to wear on the funfair with all seriousness, how they giggled upon seeing a man at the gate – any man.

Whilst coming back home in a van that was jam-packed with little kids, I was in an awe; what varying degrees of human behavior vested in such small a place. This one kid would hog up all the space with his tiny existence and a comparably ginormous bag, lay his arms around and practically lie down on it, completely unmindful to others distress. Another one would pester the driver to change the cassette sides and play her favorite song so she could sing along – and twirl herself in the little space her legs could find, blushing cheekily every now and then. My own existence seemed far too serrated to be in the same league as theirs.

Interestingly, I found out last night that the owner of Virgin enterprise was a high-school dropout too. I say “too”, since I practically quit my A-Levels half way through as well. Hence, I am up to something momentous. I’m not sure what it would be. Now let me savor my glory. Let me bask in the greatness that yet has to register on me. 😀 Ignore this entry if nothing happens in the next 5 years.

I have decided to start on “The Kite Runner” by Khaled Hosseini, and put “The Divine Comedy” on hold for meantime. The latter can wait. It has to. It has no other choice anyways. This entry is crammed with silly delight – aftermath of a pleasant day.



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