ENTRY 8/2/11

Watched Dhobi Ghat last night. Never has a cinematic experience (especially an Indian one), been more phenomenal. It was the first ever movie that reached the gist of my heart, not by the mere story bound by a script but also by its nonpareil simplicity, concrete reality, visually aesthetic composition, unreciprocated questions and innumerable other factors that cannot be molded into words. It’s a blessing that I have finally started watching movies with an unbounded eye. The grandeur doesn’t exhaust, brilliance doesn’t sap through voids. Moreover, new ideas are welcomed and acknowledged – hence refurbishing my mind and reinforcing it with newfangled conceptions

Later, I feasted upon desi food: Chicken Karahi and Sajji at a local roadhouse! My appetite has never been more celebrated. Juicy tendons soaked in gravy, torn apart thread to thread by the gnawing teeth, letting the flavors diffuse into my mouth. Chewed and swallowed boldly. Digested stoutly. 😀 I was a staunch devourer for an hour or so. Eating like a visceral animal is the new me.

I have opted for indifference towards some people in my life now. Since every engagement only serves to increase my abhorrence for them, I have earnestly withdrawn myself completely. I have been told to exercise this institution without any spite. But this is where it gets challenging. To meditate good intentions whilst harboring forced complacency is a little tricky. Hence the same question crops: Does it Matter?

Also, I started on Dante Alighieri’s epic masterpiece, The Divine Comedy. The work is allegorical narrative, about his illusory journey through Hell, Purgatory and Heaven. The mystical representation of philosophical thoughts is magnificent. Originally written in Italian, the version I’m reading is translated by H.F Cary in English. Lets see how this windups. Although, now I am inclined towards learning Italian so I could read its original manuscript in the authentic words it was written in – and probably meant to be better understood in too. This excerpt is from Canto II:


Who thy near way across the goodly mount

Prevented. What is this comes o’er thee then?

Why, why dost thou hang back? why in thy breast

Harbour vile fear? why hast not courage there

And noble daring?


Another entry ends in a snap.



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