ENTRY 14/2/11

Last three days have been bizarrely wholesome. It’s a miracle when an ordinary day brings about voluminous learnings. I won’t go into the particulars. Hence this spittle of a good tiding comes to an end almost as soon as it started.

I finished The Kite Runner at last. “For you, a thousand times over” is one of the most gripping lines I have ever come across in my entire 19 years of life. Now I’m hankering over its movie, which I have been told is visually beautiful. I read A Thousand Splendid Suns by the same author, Khaled Hosseini, a few years ago. Since no internet access is available currently I can’t help wondering about his other works – that’s if he has written any. The Divine Comedy will have to wait again since digital books can’t be read with the same investment of time and deliberation as handheld books. The former also brings about a lack of absorption and certain taciturnity between the reader and the story.

Earlier today I started on For One More Day by Mitch Albom; 200 pages and 4 hours later I can establish the reasons it was given to me – and why it was recommended to be read first. Its drab ordinariness and excruciating familiarity makes the story so riveting. I quote an instance from the story:

“I waved goodbye with the letter. It didn’t occur to her, I guess, that I was just starting school and didn’t know how to read. That was my mother. It was the thought that counted”


Reading has absolved me of mulishness particularly towards my downbeat attitude that had annexed me over last couple of months.

The sky is saturated with clouds and rain is pouring maddeningly with no signs of stopping. Although earlier in the evening there was an anemic ray of a waning sun pouring onto the neighbor’s wall in front of my room. Perhaps it was just a reflection of the dwindling horizon. And in all likelihood, I’m humoring myself with what others call “truck songs.” 😀 Some rituals just can’t be renounced.

Auf Wiedersehen!



One thought on “Chutzpah

  1. Yasar says:

    “ books can’t be read with the same investment of time and deliberation as handheld books..” – Precise, succinct and to the point.


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