An Exceptional Read!

And just as my day started – squirming in bed, my paradigm tilted 180 degress – I was fortunate enough to read a piece (a magnum opus more likely), written by a comrade. The brevity, the supple fluency, articulate words with an unconstrained flow, profoundly poetical prose…a magnificent thirty-second read!


A conception ill achieved? A notion still derailed?

In the den of silent contemplation, it awaits.

Lurking behind the folds of reason,

A stiff endurance trying to unveil itself, it awaits.

How callously poised it all is, your warnings and this call to reach out.

Another redemption gone astray ? it awaits.


Am I wrong to assume it’ll hurt no more, senile am I to assume otherwise?

Faith of the beyond and a promise to hold- fills in the void. Executed.

A certain truth of destined paths.  Far off yet empowering psalms.

Hope lurks no more, only truth strikes the palm. Courses changed.


Do you still wait ? Your aspiration , your call.

It’s here. Embrace. Burn the boats yet again.

4 feb 2011.

12:18 pm.


This deserves to be published. We all stand dauntless on a cusp of great change, a revolution within ourselves. It’s a coincidence, that earlier in the day, my Mother just unsystematically questioned herself aloud – “what is the meaning of life?” Despite our slight indifferences, how very much alike is human disposition! With our impulse to ponder in discrete perceptions, we are all still witnesses to the normalcy of Nature – the constant Truth.

I have noticed how very crucial is blogging to me. It advocates my works and refines my writing in plenteous ways. An unadorned word, furnishes into structured expressions which later buffs into a consistent approach. Moreover, the learning process of my own thoughts rationalizes. It’s a nourishing exercise.

This medley of words now comes to an end. Later!


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