The Horsehead Nebula

Entry: 29/1/11

The medallion of the skies impaling its partiality onto the vastness encircling it. The massive ensemble of roaring fires and lugubrious icy eruptions. The time falters at every extreme. The luminous core burning vibrantly showering sparks of jagged gleams into the darkness. Pigments of clusters blending with the fusions of energy where a sole blemish can riotously disrupt the system in entirety. The intrinsic heat radiating through an arc of stolid constellations.  The brightness eclipsing the enchanted mound of vapors into a dune. Electric blue stellars echoing their hue into distance. The stars nestling dynamically. The accidental pairing of energies, animating fumes into a mystical form. Galactic bundles of space cataloged alongside the stars, flushed with shades of dazzling colors. Questioning eternity, expansiveness and consequence.


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