Entry 31/1/11

Embracing reality – a thematic concept of an identity in the making.

His eyes danced under the waning yellow light. “I am a Man from the Desert”, he breathed softly, effortlessly. Redolence echoed unto his mortality etching his presence. A carved reality. Gods impression at its purest, at its surest. His pasty skin radiating life. A full mouth calculated easiness with the words formed. They escaped him with a sophisticated spontaneity. A candor that uncovered the distance he stemmed from. A tender verve blanketed his reasoning – an existence of subtle perceptions, orbiting around a static corner at the gist.

“I am a teller of tales”, he continued smoothly. A Don Juan of the galaxy? A niggling fact, which was yet to be amplified further by mild perfectionism. A silken silhouette fashioned his shadow into stillness. An adaptability that was rarely found, a sort of meek compliancy draped him. Snaking across his entirety was a wisdom oft found in mystical Men of the past. With a touch of modernity; parallel to unconventionality.

His voice permeated the silence, “Looking your absolute worst is a sort of liberation, no?” he smirked. A crowning moment of his triumphs. An amorous, fiery steed of youth. His heart beat at a riotous pace – not human, a shaman! And he lashed on with his story…


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