Entry: 29/1/11

It lay on a murky, icy slab of metal – an existence that has been long hushed upon but not quite forgotten. Fencing a story of long time past, it relaxed under considerable nuggets of memories.  The cover washed gray with age, dotting flowers dipping into a somber overcast. The mute paper tainted by stamps collected over time. Emotively, the notebook lay there in solemn darkness, reminiscing its journey; the inane moment it was passed ahead, the high-spirited attendants with their inescapable yet vibrant emotions. All now locked away under the shady manacle of a three-toothed iron key. The key hinged to a gold-plated chain, with a Pharaohs’ head engraved in parched black. Furtively, Egypt possessed an elaborate tale of the bygones…


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