Let Bygones Be Bygones!

There is no chapter 2 😛

Chapter of Years

You are the unflinching promise itself; waiting to be revealed, explored, fulfilled. But you waver away its embryonic fulfillment every now and then. You have entwined yourself in intricate limitations, bound by an array of hollow confusions. Your subtle, unconscious rebellion against your own words.

Yet you are the sole echo of fervid passions, of sober dreams. You marvel at your own assertions. You with your juvenile wants and fussy egotism… You are the pluck of any company, striking chords of inane liveliness. Your never-ending sagas in a drunken stupor, brawny tales of the past. Your ability to quote innumerable instances to exactness. You are an effigy of considerate cynicism, of superlative poetry, of unparalleled coarseness, of blatant excuses.

You shake off the strenuous & embrace the comprehensible. You are explicitly pessimistic yet an ardent dreamer. You induce empathy yet you are a self-made man. Your symphonic ideas, mock compliments, quixotic notions. Your daunting anger. Your tendency to flatter yourself. Your sweet talk: cajoling and stirring. Your coquettishly suggestive words.

You are the man from the valley reverberating blazes of nature. You belong to your elaborate past; your clueless yet promising youth. You are vulnerable yet impenetrable. A wretched excuse of a man. Your turbulent attitude: so condescending, so arrogant. You cherish your bigheadedness. You are bound by self-inflicted imperfections. Your insecurities cripple you.You are an epitome of love.

You are a deserving man. You are just a fond memory. A mere celebration of the past.

You are who you are.



One thought on “Let Bygones Be Bygones!

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