Because I Feel “Wordy”

I have been high on “Whose Line Is It Anyway” recently. I’m awfully finicky when it comes to laughter – especially improvisational comedy. And, luckily, WLIIA is just my cup of tea. Also, be forewarned. This entry contains an awful lot of fancy phrases (I have been studying for my English paper.) 😛 Earlier, I was wondering if the correct usage of death is “did he die?” or “didn’t he die?” People can die with whichever verb they choose to, but at least make it look grammatically reasonable. One can say “passed away”, or “met his maker” (lolwut?) Hell even “got bit by a gerbil and persihed into soils” makes sense. As long as the ones still on earth don’t confuse the deceased of going to a near supermarket, I am okay with everything. Btw, “Kick the bucket” & “cash in one’s chips” are highly inappropriate; the former pointing out to a literal kick in your nutsack, the latter indicating holidays in Vegas which is quite contrary to normal beliefs.

Since sleep has forsaken me, my mind has been wandering aimlessly on the internet for hours now. Does one’s tongue actually get stuck to an icy-cold post on a frosty winters day? I think I might try it some day, to get firsthand experience. Also, I feel anti-depressed today. I am still masticating on the idea to watch Golden Globes or not. Bum is cold and draught-prone now. One last word…

This is a random fact I got to ROFLMAO on today:

“There is more money being spent on breast implants and Viagra today than on Alzheimer’s research. This means that by 2020, there should be a large elderly population with perky boobs and huge erections and absolutely no recollection of what to do with them.”


Over and Out!


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