Apostrophe is NOT a Greek Philo-Boy!

People, I am a Grammar Nazi. And frankly, there is nothing you can do about it. This is not just a sham. I get serious literary hemorrhage when I get to confront such linguistic incompetence. Without blowing off more steam on this subject: you can NEVER feign animosity with punctuations or grammar. I repeat. NEVER! One can expect it from some diamondbrass45 who types much like I hAz nO StUdI xPeRiEnCE Ov AnY kINd, but never from a well-refined, cultivated breed of aristocrats. It’s just wrong. Here, visit this page to make sense out of the heading of this entry http://bit.ly/hoFKjR. Mercifully, I have pardoned yet another genetically dubious friend of mine today. I don’t like to make people feel stupid. I just like to give them the confirmation. 😛

At this very moment I am craving for a pizza or a Subway. Lately, I have started relishing my food. I let it possess me for a moment or two before I go all nom-om-om on it. I sink my teeth into the juicy tendons of my meal, let the juices seep into the mouth, close my eyes and imagine Heavens with eternal bliss – & no, this is not an account of some fetish on Craigslist. I “mean” my food now which is a safe haven for my soul etc…Apparently, I am a food-schlemiel.


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