Ophiuchus etc…

Astrological signs are in a news uproar today. I was a Sagittarian yesterday, and by today I am an Ophiuchus. Btw, how do you even pronounce that? Am I gonna have my personal groupies fan-following now? Are my chances of becoming a celebrity sleazeball, 45 to 30? Do I even care? The answer to that is NO. Since I am a rebel, I don’t give a rat’s ass of what the astronomers at the Minnesota Planetarium Society just did to my everyday life. Meh. For me, horoscopes are nothing but a calculated form of dogmatic practice, that has crept into our everyday life, embracing and disguising what is not real. Just a meditated technique to deceive ourselves from the truth. I have seen people sweating over what there star-sign column said about their business dealings, or how they should converse with their significant others. Absurd!

Today, I felt a certain air of indifference around me. Perhaps it was due to the two completely abysmal dreams I had. I have been told that my subconscious is still sapped and tangled in fears that are baseless and senseless. At this very moment, I really can’t comprehend the language of my subconscious mind – its babbling suavely somewhere in the skull though. 😛

A few days ago, I had a chance to explain “Spirituality” to a close friend. I am afraid I couldn’t do it accurately for it can either be a daunting or a reassuring term – depends on how one perceives it. To many, it is simply related to religion, demarcating a certain class of faith. For them, this term either invokes spooky ideas of extremism or distorts their personal views on their own beliefs. To others, it refers to a complex phase of consciousness based on internal growth of the mind, the soul etc. Of course both the interpretations are true on their own depending on how one wants to get involved in it. But for me, its not all about attaining peace through some radical meditation or probing through answers seeking wisdom – to satisfy my ego (where peace & wisdom can only be granted by Gods will. It can never be acquired.) Anyhow, thats how far my perception has taken me till now. Let’s see what happens next.

Also, I have a Pak.Studies paper in less than 5 hours from now. And since I was in no mood to study, I thought of writing this long-assed blog which might just come to a snappy end anytime soon…


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