Bits Of Here & There.

In order to keep the creativity of words and thoughts from stagnating during long hours of contemplation, I have decided to blog again even though I am still trying to find out this entry’s niche. There is power in self-indulgent words after all and perhaps a bit of narcissistic form of self-approval too. 😛

Its amusing how I have started watching movies with a new indepth perspective – a viewpoint that is all too expansive, welcoming new notions into my head. For example, I recently watched The Fountain under, what I’d call, “a new light”. Its surprising how my engagement with fiction created a bond between the imaginary world and the real world. Retaining ground with the Reality whilst nonsensical logic plays in front is pretty difficult to substantiate in the head especially when innumerable conjectures start blistering in the mind. One cannot dislodge the Truth from Reality without whirling into utter confusion.

Also, I have been told that 2011 will be a year of chaotic changes. There is no need to draw a line between Science and Faith here. Its not like denying this fact would make one immortal. Death is a certainty anyways. What? I’m serious.

On a lighter note, Ryan Babel (the black guy who plays less for Liverpool and tweets more about them) has just been charged with improper conduct for tweeting an offensive photo of Howard Webb in a ManUtd shirt. Dalglish must be so proud of his boys. I could almost use the C-word here. Also, here is the link to The FIFA Ballon d’Or 2010 nominees. which is about to commence in a bit.

And, this entry is about to come to an abrupt end. Later.


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