Deir Dairee…

The catalist for thiz blog iz nothing but the will to jsut raite sumthing, aneething since I laike to raite taime to taime. Monthz ago, I wuz inteemedated by the idia ov staarteng a blog becauz I feared squirmeng and figeting myself out ov it, but dat iz the cayse no more.

I still beleeve sum of my intersts are concurrant widh prevalent culchural normz keeping in maind my affeniety with, for a lack ov a bettar word, “espiritualitee”. Sumtaimes, my rashunal thots boil daun to a dolefull compaqt blurb ov nothengness. But, perhapes that iz becauz my thot process iz laqing pracktikality on a realistik layvel.

Luqily, the qualmz over unreyciprocated queschuns have faded. Lord be prayzed.


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